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The Dietz SANGO XXL powered wheelchair has been specially made for people weighing up to 250 kg. This front-wheel drive has an extra robust construction and is still a maneuverable, reliable and high-quality powered wheelchair. The seat width is available up to 60cm.

Price from: £10,995 Excl. VAT

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The SANGO XXL version is only available in the Front-Wheel-Drive chassis configuration. Uniquely to Dietz Power, the suspension is handled by rubber elastomers. The properties of the rubber provide comfort as it absorbs road vibrations bigger bumps when out and about.

60Ah batteries allow a good range of driving, or if very high capacity powered wheelchair batteries are what you really want, to be able to travel for days between charges, then there is even a 100Ah battery option. Powered features are available, such as seat lift and seat tilt, to allow adjustment when required.

There is a ‘Catapult seat’ mechanism option, to aid users who need some extra assistance to make a transfer in&out of the wheelchair, or perhaps just like to re-position their body during the day.

We supply the full range of Dietz Mobility powered wheelchairs in Front-Wheel-Drive, Mid-Wheel-Drive, and Rear-Wheel-Drive: SANGO advanced SEGO comfort /SANGO advanced SEGO junior /SANGO slimline SEGO comfort / SANGO slimline SEGO junior / SANGO XXL (Front Wheel Drive only)


Dietz Power

Dietz Mobility is a family-owned distributor of Electric Powered Wheelchairs, made up of a highly experienced team of rehab specialists that have years of experience within the UK mobility products industry. They have been exclusively distributing the DIETZ Power range of SANGO powered wheelchairs tot the UK since January 2021 (before then the UK distributor was electric mobility). Dietz specializes in providing configured mobility solutions for people with disabilities, and with often very highly complex needs. Bromakin are proud to be a main distributor of their products across Leicestershire in particular.   With a range of products and services, they strive to make life easier and more comfortable for those with physical impairments.   Dietz Mobility UK work in partnership with specialist dealerships like Bromakin, and in combination with therapist. Their high quality, modular wheelchairs are made-to-order to each individuals need based on our prescription that we make in our Loughborough Showroom, or at a customer’s location of choice. The finished product can still be readjusted at any point in timer if required, such as if the user’s needs change, or simply because they want a different colour of shrouds!   Where there is a need for a solution that can’t be catered for using the standard options, Dietz will create individual items by using their materials combined with options from other sources. At Bromakin we are happy to provide the same customisation solution when required, by ordering suitable accessories that can be retro-fitted by us to the Dietz range of wheelchairs. 
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