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Decon E-Drive Paediatric

The Decon E-Drive can be a perfect solution for a child who needs a powerchair or a hybrid electric-wheelchair solution. In combination with a child’s manual wheelchair (that has adjustability for growth), it’s motors are located in the wheel-hub, on suitably sized 16″, 20″, or 22″ wheels. They are discrete and lightweight only weighing 7kg, and can be removed and replaced with standard wheels.

Price from: £5,295 Excl. VAT

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The Decon E-Drive motorised wheels can switched into freewheel to be able to push and roll using the pushrims, or the drive wheels can be removed and the wheelchair’s original wheels re-fitted with their quick-release axles. The battery can be fixed underneath the seat or on the backrest

This system also works very well for an attendant to operate the chair when walking behind the wheelchair and steering it instead of the wheelchair user. This attendant control is easy to use and we are very impressed with it compared to some other types of attendant controls that are more tricky to operate.

Batteries options are either the standard NiMH 24Vx6,7 Ah or and upcharge to Li-iON 25Vx11,8Ah.



Decon is a company that develops and produces high-quality accessories for manual wheelchairs. They strive to be innovative and adaptable to different situations and environments, providing accessibility and freedom to the users.  [expander_maker id="1" more="Read more" less="Read less"] Since its establishment in 2002, Decon has maintained its focus on delivering quality products and customer service. Their products are easy to use and have been well tried and tested. Recently, they have updated the styling of their range of products, making them even more attractive.   As entrepreneurs, Decon is always looking for ways to improve their products by listening to their users' opinions and taking them into consideration. They also give their staff the opportunity to positively influence and develop environmental work and the training that they require.   Decon is committed to having as little negative environmental impact as possible, and they continually strive to maintain a high level of quality on both products and customer service.  For many years now, Bromakin has been providing Decon products, starting from the time of the 'decon spider wheel' in the 1990's. This wheel was made of cast-magnesium and was considered ultra-modern at the time. It was an extraordinary option for wheelchair users who wanted to style their wheelchairs differently than the traditional wheels with stainless steel spokes.   Decon products are now distributed into the UK by Susurro Ltd. You can read more about the latest goings-on at Decon Mobility on their Facebook Page. [/expander_maker] 
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