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The Ibis Pro is a multifunctional comfort wheelchair that features the ‘Sedeo Pro’ seating system with its excellent adaptability and easy adjustment to suit individual requirements.

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With 30° tilt the Ibis has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of a wide range of users’ needs, from those requiring comfort seating through to conditions such as MND, CVA and Muscular Dystrophy.

The range of accessories to meet specialist needs includes: negative tilt to aid with standing transfers or to promote active extension, thigh supports to help control abduction & manually elevating legrests.



The tagline for BREEZY Wheelchair products is ‘Premium Products, Quality service’. The range is part of the company Sunrise Medical, whose produts we retail to our customers throughout our local area of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.   [expander_maker id="1" more="Read more" less="Read less"]  They are true to their tagline that they are quality products. With a good level of build quality, and with the backup aftercare from Sunrise Medical, the wheelchairs have a long and usable lifespan for replacement components.   At Bromakin we not only retail the BREEZY wheelchairs, but we also provide assessment for them initially, and then servicing and repairs of BREEZY wheelchairs when required.   The BREEZY RelaX² and BREEZY Ibis Pro / Pro Powerdrive, are sophisticated and configurable wheelchairs that are designed to accommodate a higher-level of disability. The Ibis originates from the Handicare brand, a Swedish company with over 100 years of company heritage. Sweden has long been consider a leader in health care. Their welfare model is based on safety and that each life is equally valued. Their Swedish welfare model and its core belief created a desire to strive for the best technical medical solutions. As a result, our customers in the UK are able to utilise great products that have been very highly engineered.     [/expander_maker] 
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