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UNAwheel Mini

The Unawheel Mini was a great ultralightweight and simple front power attachment. It is currently out of production and we are eagerly awaiting the new UnaWheel Mini2 model.

Price from: £2,750 Excl. VAT

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UNAwheel Mini is a revolutionary wheelchair device, simply because it is so small and simple. It can fit to a rigid wheelchair or a folding wheelchair, depending on which fitting kit is ordered. At only 5.3kg it is very easy to take on/off.

According to the survey results 30% of UNA-owners no longer use assistance (special services or family members’ help) during their daily outdoor activity. 60% of Users shared that they now ask for assistance way less. It works both ways – more freedom and comfort for you as a wheelchair user and your family.


Una Wheel

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