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TGA Breeze S4

The Breese S4 sets the standard for a Large Mobility Scooter that has a road presence and a handling feel that closest mirrors the feel of driving a car. As the tiller twists and angles with a light touch, and forwards & reverse is selected with a switch in a similar way to a gear lever. Extra large rear wheels help to ride over bumps without a problem.

Price from: £5,195 Excl. VAT

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The Breese S4 has front and rear suspension which gives the most comfortable ride possible. The mobility scooter will happily go over uneven terrain without a problem. The tiller controls are gentle and easy to use, and also have built-in safety systems. There is plenty of leg room and an adjustable seat that goes forwards and backwards, and up and down. Also the tiller allows for the perfect seating position.

There is a lockable and waterproof storage compartments at the rear (and also the front if desired). Optional upgrades for the Breeze S4 are a bolted-on solid-topped rain canopy (with fabric removable side panels) and also battery upgrade options to increase the range to up to 30 miles on a single charge.



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