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SPEEDY Junior Bike

The Speedy system allows you to attach your Speedy Junior Bike in seconds so that you can handcycle to enjoy the benefits of aerobic exercise. The Speedy-Junior is suitable for children, teenagers and small adults with a height of around 1.10 m to approx. 1.40m. The Speedy Junior Bike will fit onto any wheelchair and is extremely easy to use.

Price from: £3,000 Excl. VAT

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The hand-crank-levers can be equipped with additional holes for the handles in order to adapt to the changing arm lengths of growing children. The position of the handles in relation to the driver’s body can be optimise by easily adjusting the height, length and incline of the Speedy Junior. The bike has an 8 speed hub gear and a back pedal brake mechanism for simplicity and to enable braking by users who do not have strong hand-function.
The Speedy Bike enjoys the benefits of a parking stand and the easy on/off capability makes using the bike for short trips to shops, cafes, pubs and commuting a real pleasure.

The Speedy docking system is an auto-latching mechanism which engages into place by simply pushing away on the attachment handles.

Handcycling up an incline can be very hard work, even when the gears are in the lowest setting. Speedy bikes can be upgraded to feature a ‘mountain drive’ gear mechanism that provides a 2.5 reduction ratio (when pressed on/off within the crank hub).


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