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Ottobock Avantgarde XXL2

The Avantgarde XXL 2 is a wheelchair designed for individuals who require a seat width ranging from 46cm to 62cm and can support a maximum user weight of 180 kg. It is built with a robust base structure that offers high reliability, while the use of high-quality materials keeps the net weight to a minimum.

Price from: £2,692 Excl. VAT

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The back stabiliser is a great feature on wheelchairs like this; it’s highly recommended for large seat widths in particular because it prevents the backrest posts from being able to bend inwards across the wide width of the seat. It can be released on one side and swung away for folding-up the wheelchair.

The segmented aluminium footplates are designed to be centrally locked during use, which enhances the strength of the front frame. This locking mechanism helps to support heavy legs in the best possible way while minimizing the strain on the components, ensuring their longevity.



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