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MatrX MX2 Backrest

Designed mainly with an active-wheelchair user in mind, the Matrx MX2 is an ultra lightweight carbon-fibre backrest with a modern and high-quality design.

Price from: £665 Excl. VAT

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With 76 mm depth of anatomical contouring, it provides exceptional support to the lower trunk and pelvis, adding comfort and stability for optimised function. specially designed using several layers of carbon fibre to optimise flex and shock absorption. Available in four heights and five widths.

The Frame-clamp brackets are width-adjustable allowing the backrest to be fitted to wheelchairs that are up to 25mm narrower or wider than the actual backrest width for a precise fit and positioning in rigid or foldable wheelchairs with backrest tube diameter of 19 mm, 22 mm and 25 mm. Our favourite choice is the fixed carbon fibre frame clamp. An alternative quick-release frame clamp is approximately £48  upcharge.

Rob Wickham uses an MX2 backrest on his wheelchair, so you can get feedback from him about it personally if you contact the office.



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