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ALBER e-motion M25




 Emotion M25 350px

The brand new for 2018, updated power-assist electric motor and lithium-ion batteries, hidden within the wheels.


The concept of the e-motion is ingeniously simple: You can combine the e-motion drive wheels with almost any wheelchair using two discrete adapters.

While moving, sensors built into the pushrims measure your drive movement and provide you with the desired motor power. This allows you to move, steer and brake your wheelchair with very little effort. With a weight of only 7.8 kg per drive wheel, the e-motion is one of the lightest active add-on drives available.

Users with impaired strength can move around independently with the help of e-motion, but without the need to change to using a Power-chair. So staying mobile while exercising vital functions.

e-motion fits most of the wheelchairs normally available on the market. Two small brackets fix the drive wheels to the frame of the chair.

ALBER e-motion M25

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