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The QUICKIE Krypton F is the lightest fully adjustable folding wheelchair.

The heart of the QUICKIE Krypton F is its faultless formed cross-brace that fits so neatly under the seat it's barely noticeable giving a very minimalistic, open-frame feel.

Fully adjustable & configurable, many options available to suit every users' needs - absolutely unique in its weight range!

We have a demo chair in our showroom for customers to be able to try.

Seat Width:

320 - 460 mm (in 20 mm increments)

Seat Depth:

340 - 480 mm (in 20 mm increments)

Front seat height:

430 - 550 mm

Rear seat height:

370 - 500 mm

Back height:

250 - 475 mm

Backrest Angle:

75° - 103°



Max. User Weight:

110 kg

Product Weight:

From 8,3 kg

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