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 Jive Family Brochure



With speeds of up to 13kph, powerful 60 or 70 Ah batteries and a range of up to 40 km, high performance power is always at your fingertips.

The JIVE M for example makes jarring kerb transitions a thing of the past with its SpiderTrac suspension. The way it effortlessly navigates onto and over steep transitions without jolts, forward pitching or compromising your stability is astounding. Because the centre-of-rotation is located directly beneath you, the JIVE M can turn on its own axis, giving an ultra small turning circle

Quickie JIVE is also available in both Front and Rear wheel drive. Both share very similar features, such as a narrow 640 mm width, but there are some unique differences. The Jive R is intuitive, geared for speed without sacrificing stability or control. Indoors, the low seat to floor height of 430 mm (with 30° or 50° tilt module) ensures easy table access. If you prefer a little extra muscle when climbing those kerbs or tackling off-road terrain, then the JIVE F may be for you.


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