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Varna II

Just about anywhere you have ever seen a hand cycle the Varna II will have been there, it has crossed Australia top to bottom and crossed the Canadian rockies. This is a tough and versatile hand bike that can be used by many different people. The deceptively simple design was made by Georgi Georgiev, a legend in the HPV world, and he has subtlety tweaked it over several years to reflect changing demands.
The rider is seated in a semi-recumbent position for maximum comfort and to apply power more efficiently. The steering / crank column lifts up and away from the seat while simultaneously raising the seat for easy transfer. The column quickly adjusts to individual arm lengths, and the footrests adjust telescopically.
The Varna II is highly manoeuvrable with a low centre of gravity making it very suitable for use in off road and on narrow roads and tracks.
Frame: TIG welded chrome-moly Frame Warranty: Lifetime warranty on structural defects Colour: Black Drivetrain: 24-speed megarange Wheels: Front: 20 inch Rear: 20 inch Brakes: Disc Brakes and extra caliper brake Seat: Cloth on foam Footrest to Seat: Adjustable Weight: 35 pounds/ 16kg

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