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SPEEDY ElektraLight

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It will fit to any manual wheelchair and is simplicity itself to take on and off – literally in a few seconds and requiring very little strength – that is the beauty of the Speedy system.
The powerful 250 watt motor is built into the front wheel and the two rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries are mounted either side of the front wheel. This makes the E-Light very stable and with good front wheel traction for hill climbing. The power is controlled with a twist grip and the stopping is by means of a powerful disc brake with an auxiliary rim brake also fitted. The E-Light enjoys the benefits of a parking stand and the easy on/off capability makes using the bike for short trips to shops, cafes, pubs and commuting a real pleasure. Specification: 24v 250 watt motor. 2 x 12v/12A/h sealed lead acid batteries, 240v battery charger, fitting kit and fitting included. The heaviest part weighs only and the total weight is 28kg. Range approximately 10 miles with 12v/12ah batteries

The motor is now available with a maximum speed of 6 / 10 or 14 kph however with increasing speed, the torque decreases in the three offered variants of 69Nm / 54Nm / 46Nm.

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