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SPEEDY Micro (kids)

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The Speedy Mirco handbike attachment has been adapted specifically to the needs of our smallest customers. A special lightweight frame made ​​of powder coated aluminium, it has a total weight of only 6.2 kg and is suitable for children with a body weight of up to 30 kg and a size of about 70 cm to 110cm. The patented clutch and lift system has been specially developed for the Speedy-Micro.

The Speedy-Micro is equipped with an 8-speed Shimano hub gear. The chain guard is closed all around for protection.

The tracking system and height-adjustable bottom bracket design allows the Speedy-Micro to be quickly and easily adapted perfectly to suit body size, disability, and the various types of wheelchairs. The cranks have additional holes for the handles, so that they can be altered in length to suit the arm length.


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