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Our Story

Bromakin has been in business for over 30 years now and has grown from a spare-room business to a respected national supplier of powered mobility equipment and an international name in the field of street and sports wheelchairs.

Under the guidance of Peter and Sheila Carruthers, the business was founded back in 1983 following a road accident in which Peter was injured leaving him a full time wheelchair user and income-free - no more plumbing.

Always a keen sportsman Peter was keen to continue an active lifestyle and quickly became aware that there was not much out there for a C7 tetra. With Sheila's help he adapted his E&J style chair to make it easier to push and from there through several stages to a specialist racing chair. An everyday chair, rugby chair followed and now some decades later Bromakin supply almost everything for the aspiring wheelchair sports person or everyday user.

Peter had a long and successful racing career and has completed over 50 marathons and many more halfs and 10kms, his high point was a Gold Medal and World Record at the 1988 Seoul Paralympics. 

After many years of working for Bromakin, Steve Asher and Rob Wickham took over running Bromakin in 2015, and have continued to provide the same service to their customer base.


"Lots of people ask us about the name, where did it come from? What does it mean" Peter explains "when we started the business we were stumped for a name, it was my brother who suggested using the name of the old farmhouse in North Yorkshire where my mother grew up, so Bromakin Grange became Bromakin Wheelchairs" so now you know.

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